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On-Scene Collision Photographs Coming to CROMS Reports

Roanoke Accident Support Services International Ltd. is currently conducting a Pilot Project with the City of Roanoke and Roanoke County Police Departments to have officers who are taking collision reports on-scene capture photographs at the scene.  These photos will be included with the Collision Report entered into ASSI’s Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS). 

The City of Roanoke and the Roanoke County Police Departments respond to all collisions in the jurisdiction and their officers personally take many collision reports while at the scene.  These on-scene reports are electronically transferred into CROMS, but up until recently there have been no corresponding vehicle damage photographs on file.  When an officer directs the vehicle and driver to the Collision Reporting Center to report the collision, CRC staff photographs the vehicle damage to place on file.  Going forward, Roanoke County officers will photograph the damaged vehicles and any other necessary collision scene photos while in the field using tablet computers loaded with an application allowing officers to easily upload their images via secure transfer to the CROMS program, generating a folder in CROMS.

The addition of on-scene photographs of the damaged vehicles which may indicate vehicle positioning, possible debris field and surroundings to our CROMS Collision Reports will provide a much richer information package for both insurance and police partners. 

Accident Support Services International Ltd. looks forward to rolling out this value-added process in all of our Collision Reporting Center jurisdictions.