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Been Involved in a Collision?

If you've been involved in a collision, please follow the process below. Also check out the FAQ list for additional information.

Upload On-Scene Pictures

Click here to capture on scene photos and information about the other driver. Please report to an accident collision center with in 24 hours.
Call the Police

Call the Police

The 9-1-1 operator determines if police officers are required at the scene. For a complete list of when a police officer will attend the scene, see the section entitled "Will the Police Attend the Scene to Investigate?" below. In Ontario, if you've been involved in a minor collision with a total combined value of $2000 in damage, by law you have to file a collision report.
Attend the CRC

Attend the Collision Reporting Center

If directed to a CRC, you must report forthwith as stated in the Highway Traffic Act. In most jurisdictions you will have up to 24 hours to report. The driver must report at the CRC in the jurisdiction the collision occurred with:

The Vehicle involved in the collision Vehicle Ownership Proof of Insurance Driver's Licence Information Exchanged and Witness Information Passenger Information
Report Collision

Report the Collision

Once at the CRC, our professional and courteous staff will assist you through the reporting process. You will be requested to provide information related to your driver's license, vehicle ownership, and insurance. Once complete, you will be asked to write a statement and complete a diagram.
Vehicles Photographed

Vehicles Photographed

All vehicles are photographed documenting the collision details and helping to reduce fraudulent claims. A "Damage Reported to Police" sticker is applied to deter additional damage from being added to the vehicles.
Insurance Company Notified

Insurance Company Notified

If you elect to report to your insurance company, the information is made available to them through our secure portal. This helps speed up the claim process. Telephones are available for you to contact your family, your broker, or your insurance company to start your claim.

Will the Police Attend the Scene to Investigate?

Police will typically investigate the collision at the scene when any of the following criteria applies:

  1. Injury or fatality
  2. Criminal Activity (examples include Impaired Driving, Stolen Vehicles, Assault)
  3. Federal, Provincial or Municipal Vehicles
  4. Vehicles Transporting Dangerous Goods
  5. Damage to Private, Municipal, or Highway Property
  6. Bicycles or Pedestrians
  7. Officer Discretion: If an officer attends the scene and determines the collision meets the criteria to go to a Collision Reporting center, they can direct citizens to the CRC. In that instance, citizens are legally obligated to attend the CRC
Note: Jurisdictional requirement do vary and CRC brochure will provide a more specific list for individual jurisdictions.

Additional Information

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information regarding collisions and how to report them, please contact us with your questions.

Keep in mind you MUST report to the nearest Collision Reporting Center to where the collision actually took place, and not the location closest to your home address.

Click Here

Locate the nearest Collision Reporting Center to report your collision to the police

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is at fault?

Ontario's insurance law has set fault determination rules as Regulations under the Insurance Act, which these rules cover almost every possible circumstances of a collision. Fault will be determined by the insurance companies based on these rules.

In Alberta fault for a collision is determined by insurers using the Claims Agreement and Intercompany Fault Chart. The Fault Chart used and its descriptions of fault are very similar to those found under Regulation in Ontario.

Will my premiums go up?

It can depend on a number of factors besides fault. We recommend you contact your insurance company or broker who would be best able to answer this based on your individual situation.

Do I have to report to my insurance company?

Ontario - Your automobile policy states that you agree to report any losses to the insurance company. Insurance Policy Section 1.4.1 states you will report any changes to your Insurance Company. Section 1.4.4 states if reportable under the Highway Traffic Act it must be reported to your insurer within 7 days, in writing. In Section 258.1 of the Insurance Act, if reportable to the Police under the Highway Traffic Act it must be reported to Insurance within 7 days in writing.

Alberta – The Insurance Act, Section 614, Stat Cond 3 (1) says that you give your insurer written notice of any collision involving loss or damage to persons or property and of any claim on account of the collision. Also you have agreed in your insurance policy Statutory Conditions 3.1.

Do I have to pay the deductible?

You are liable to pay the percentage of the deductible for which you were found at fault by your insurance company. (50% at fault = 50% deductible)

Is anyone going to be charged?

This is at the discretion of the police officer taking your report.

Who is Accident Support Services? Who pays for your services?

Accident Support Services is a privately owned company working under contract to police agencies, and serving you on behalf of your Insurance company. ASSI has participating insurers that pay for our services through the savings they realize.

Can I report over the phone?

No. The report is a legal document that requires the first hand information from the driver involved and generally includes the driver's statement and signature. The damage to the vehicle must be viewed and recorded.

Do I still have to call my insurance company?

Yes. Your phone call is often necessary for your claim to start being processed.

Can my passenger be a witness?

A passenger is not generally classified as a witness, rather they are normally classified as an involved person. The witness in a collision is normally an independent witness who has observed the collision event. It is however advisable for passengers to record their observations for future reference.

Where should I get my vehicle repaired?

It is always your choice. Your insurance company will have some helpful advice for you regarding repair shops and guaranties of the repair quality. Give them a call, they are there to help.

Can I send someone in my place to complete the report? (Spouse, friend, parent, etc.)

No, the driver of the vehicle must complete the official collision report.

Do I have to report my collision at the CRC?

In Ontario, if the combined damage (from all vehicles or property involved in the collision) is $2000 or more you have a legal obligation to report that collision as stated in Section 199 of the Highway Traffic Act. The Highway Traffic Act also states that citizens can be directed to another location (ie Collision Reporting Center) to report their collision. If directed to a CRC, you have a legal obligation to attend.

In Alberta, the Traffic Safety Act, Alberta Regulation 320/2002, Part 5, 147 - $2000 Combined Damage Inc. Damage to Property or Injuries is the threshold – Note exceptions exist for requirement to report even if damage is below $2,000.

The Need for Collision Reporting Centers

In many cities, it is no longer feasible for the police to attend the scene of property damage collisions (where there is only damage to vehicles i.e. no damage to private property or injuries). Citizens are asked to exchange information by Statute in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act / Motor Vehicle Act / Traffic Safety Act with the other involved drivers. This generally includes Driver Name, Address, Licence, Vehicle Plate, Owner Name, Address, Insurance Company and Policy Number. Citizens may then be directed to a Collision Reporting Center (CRC).

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has established "One Stop Collision Reporting", through a unique partnership involving the police, the insurance industry, and private enterprise, thereby setting the standard for the professional Collision Reporting Center. ASSI provides professional Collision Reporting Centers to save the police time and allow police to reallocate these resources to higher priority needs in the community. The centers are funded completely by the Insurance Industry so there is no direct cost to the police or the public.

Our Centers offer a warm safe place to inform both the police and the insurer of the collision in a relaxed, calming environment.

Drivers must report the collision in the jurisdiction where the collision occurred, unless approved by a police officer to report in a different jurisdiction.

Testimonials from Drivers

  • Great job helping on a situation no one wants to be in.

    S. M. insured with Federated, posted January, 2018
  • All in all, everyone was informative, understanding and even came with a smile from everyone.

    M. insured with Intact, posted January, 2018
  • The staff were extremely courteous, kind and were fundamental in helping me with my collision report and in helping me with further investigation. They also calmed my anxiety.

    B.K. insured with Aviva General, posted January, 2018
  • Super friendly. I was dreading this, but Jana was so nice that I'm not in a bad mood anymore.

    A. S. insured with Wawanesa, posted January, 2018
  • I found the process (to my surprise) extremely helpful, informative, quick and above all, painless.

    W. M. insured with Aviva, posted January, 2018
  • Had such a pleasant experience. I was nervous as I never had to do this before. Thank you!

    M. N. insured with Aviva, posted January, 2018
  • Made my bad experience better. Teresa was an extremely helpful person.

    Z. C. insured with Belair, posted January, 2018
  • Was very helpful and made the interaction much less stressful for both parties.

    D.P. insured with Travelers, posted January, 2018
  • Very Speedy and really polite. Sped through a very bad situation and made it simple to manage.

    I.D. insured with Certas Home and Auto, posted January, 2018
  • The customer service was excellent. She was patient, kind and humorous. She was able to answer any questions I had with a kind tone of voice. Well done:)

    K.M. insured with Aviva General, posted January, 2018
  • She was extremely patient and friendly. Took time to explain the process and answer my questions. Excellent customer service.

    T. G. insured with Intact, posted October, 2017
  • Very knowledgeable, warm and reassuring. Thank you for a positive, informative experience.

    K. T. insured with Allstate, posted September, 2017
  • Had excellent help in making this process comfortable and understanding. Thank you.

    D. T. insured with Unifund, posted September, 2017
  • Professional, courteous, helpful, relaxed atmosphere, very re-assuring to us in our time of need

    E. F. insured with Aviva, posted September, 2017
  • When I called to find out what to do, the woman on the phone first asked if I was okay and was very reassuring. I appreciated that very much. Also, when I explained my situation, the counselor was very helpful.

    S. C. insured with Unifund, posted September, 2017
  • The staff was very pleasant and extremely helpful. She made the reporting painless and quick.

    A. T. insured with Wawanesa, posted September, 2017
  • Very friendly and kind service, making a bad situation a little less difficult to get through.

    D. M. insured with Belair Direct, posted September, 2017
  • K. is very professional and knowledgeable. She was very informative and courteous with the process. She was also kind and caring and excellent at her role. Thank you.

    D. K. insured with Aviva, posted August, 2017
  • Service permitted emergency family matter as priority before reporting. Helpful in the reporting process.

    N. H. insured with Wawanesa, posted August, 2017
  • Candice was very kind and compassionate. She understood that I was upset and helped me through it all.

    A. G. insured with Allstate, posted August, 2017
  • Very nice lady. Informed me of all information needed. Courteous. Pleasure to deal with.

    P. B. insured with CAA, posted July, 2017
  • Katherine went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for your caring help to get me through this.

    L. F. insured with Aviva, posted July, 2017
  • Stephanie made my experience very comfortable. She was helpful and patient with me. Took a bad day for me and helped to make it better by making us comfortable.

    K. P. insured with Intact, posted July, 2017
  • Excellent service made a not so great situation much less complicated and stressful.

    R. D. insured with TD General, posted July, 2017
  • It's too bad I had to find out how great of a service this is. Thank you for making this as pleasant an experience as possible.

    A. W. insured with TD General, posted July, 2017
  • Very courteous, polite service. Worker was very friendly and helpful. Very pleased with the service of the customer agent.

    C. H. insured with Wawanesa, posted July, 2017
  • I was treated with such compassion and I'm very grateful for all the assistance given. Excellent service!

    H. B. insured with Novex, posted July, 2017
  • Donna provided fantastic service. She was friendly, approachable, courteous, knowledgeable and patient. Very satisfied. Thank you.

    M. L. insured with Allstate, posted July, 2017
  • Fantastic experience. Made to feel welcome and at ease. Not rushed. Very professional.

    M. U. insured with Chubb, posted July, 2017
  • Great service and help provided at collision center, both on the phone and in person.

    H. R. insured with Aviva, posted July, 2017
  • This was very convenient. The accident happened when I had my small child in the car and it was nice to get her home and settled much sooner!

    J. R. insured with Safeco, posted May, 2017
  • I think it's a good program, and the staff was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

    R. S. insured with State Farm, posted May, 2017
  • The fact that this service freed up the officer to attend to other incidents is enough to recommend this service. The assistance is excellent.

    S. R. insured with Owners, posted May, 2017
  • It was real easy to come here instead of standing on the side of the road. Thank you.

    P. L. insured with State Farm, posted April, 2017
  • Quick and easy. This has made a bad experience into a very easy process and this seems to be a good service for the community.

    L. Ray insured with Allstate, posted April, 2017
  • Very effective and efficient. Professional and courteous environment. Patient when answering any questions.

    A.M. insured with State Farm, posted December, 2016
  • Calm place to sit and actually do a report. Employees were very courteous and professional.

    D.H. insured with USAA, posted December, 2016
  • Really appreciate the help and kindness shown. Great set up. Convenient location.

    W. R. insured with Allstate, posted December, 2016
  • Excellent Service. Quick and professional and courteous staff.

    H. M. insured with State Farm, posted December, 2016
  • Great, friendly workplace.

    T.L. insured with The General, posted December, 2016
  • Good experience, very helpful.

    A.W. insured with Esurance, posted December, 2016
  • I am very pleased, very friendly staff with excellent customer service.

    S.B. insured with State Farm, posted December, 2016
  • I am very pleased, very friendly staff with excellent customer service.

    S.B. insured with State Farm, posted December, 2016
  • I was very nervous, she made me feel very comfortable and guided me through what needed to be done.

    T.M. insured with Aviva, posted December, 2016
  • I was very nervous, she made me feel very comfortable and guided me through what needed to be done.

    T.M. insured with Aviva, posted December, 2016
  • As soon as I entered the office, I had a very good vibe and they gave me all the information I needed. Great service.

    D.A. insured with Belair Direct, posted December, 2016
  • Excellent, flawless service. N. was amazing & made me feel important and assured me all was taken care of.

    V.S. insured with Scottish and York, posted December, 2016
  • Excellent, flawless service. N. was amazing & made me feel important and assured me all was taken care of.

    V.S. insured with Scottish and York, posted December, 2016
  • For such an unpleasant thing to happen, its nice to have a helpful person and a smiling face.

    J. B. insured with Intact, posted December, 2016
  • The service was great. The agent made things extremely easy for me. I thought this would be a lot more difficult.

    S.H. insured with Aviva, posted December, 2016

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