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Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has developed a unique alternative to collision reporting (Collision Reporting Centers) as well as a complete collision records management solution - the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) suite of products. The products work together or they can work independently to meet your needs. Select the building blocks to develop your custom solution.

Collision Reporting Centers

Warm, safe, and convenient facilities offer an alternative for the public to report their collision to the Police. Fast, efficient, personable, and well trained staff answer questions and assist with the electronic completion of the official government collision report. These professional centers allows for police officers to be redeployed to higher priority community needs.

CROMS Application

Complete Online Collision Reporting System that uses logically organized tabs, and extensive drop down menus and lookup values to minimize manual entry and ensure accuracy. Has full document and photograph storage. Data can be securely exported, printed, faxed, e-mailed in a PDF file, and produce statistical reports. The application houses a complete customer service package for insurers.

CROMS Analytics

Answer all collision related questions, by querying any field captured on the collision report and identify why, where, when, how, collisions are occurring, allowing for the development of results driven proactive enforcement plans. The information is available for analysis within 24 hours of supervisor's approval.

CROMS Mobile

Complete the entire Collision Report at roadside electronically. It can communicate with RMS / Dispatch systems with highly secure synchronization to receive system alerts. Utilizes VIN Decoder, D/L scanners, GIS geo-mapping, and more!

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Benefits to Police & Government

Safer Roadways

Due to proactive, not reactive enforcement, officers are available to prevent collisions, rather than investigate them.

Extremely high customer satisfaction

In excess of 95% of citizens who use ASSI's Collision Reporting Centers find the service to be convenient and rate it as very good or excellent.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Restore traffic flow and eliminate secondary collisions by quickly removing vehicles from the roadside and citizens to a safe and comfortable facility to report the collision. Upwards of 73% of all collisions can be reported at CRCs.

Minimize Officer Health and Safety Risk

Officers are no longer a visual distraction to drivers at the side of the road, where dangerous secondary collisions can occur.

Reduce the Time Officers Spend on Low Priority Reports

Since professional ASSI counselors assist citizens with the report, the time officers spend on CRC collision reports is limited to an average of 5 minutes per citizen.

Improve Officer Response Time

Through increased officer availability response time is improved. Services reallocate resources for higher priority needs and proactive enforcement.

Increased Efficiencies

By partnering with ASSI, police can deal with thousands of collisions more efficiently, without administrative staff and without going out to the collision site.

Budget Reallocation

Using the ASSI collision reporting centers can result in massive reallocation opportunities for police time, strong positive public support, reduced traffic congestion and redeployment of officers for higher priority needs.

Ministry / Department of Transportation

Data in CROMS can be electronically transferred to Departments or Ministries of Transportation to validate the collected data and to prevent duplication of data entry for the timely delivery of annual safety reports.

Benefits to Insurance Companies

Increased Customer Service

Through CRC Staff, and your Hand-Outs, you are "there" when your customer needs you. Start the claim process within hours of the collision! Complete customer service package of information is provided to participating insurance companies. Take advantage of First Notice of Loss generating capabilities in CROMS.

Early Intervention in the Claims Process

We provide free telephones, so that your customers can contact you directly from the CRC immediately after they have completed their Police Report.

Proactive Fraud Control for Insurers

Early Intervention allows insurers a cost effective opportunity to detect or prevent fraud at the earliest stage possible, and lets insurers pro-actively manage the claims investigation process.

Photo Images of ALL Vehicles – Stop Staged or Exaggerated Accidents

Compare damages from involved vehicles electronically to see if the damages match and the accident could really have happened (Staged Accidents), or if the extent of damage could have caused injuries. Damage Reported to Police Stickers are also applied to prevent and prove creative damage.

AB/BI & Passenger Information

We capture additional information for insurers when customers indicate an injury that can be immediately forwarded to a bodily injury or accident benefits adjuster for investigation. Contact injured parties immediately to control AB/BI costs and legal involvement. Additional passenger and injury information captured is vital in quickly separating legitimate and suspicious claims.

Control Costs and Expenses

Early Claim Intervention lets you to control, reduce, or eliminate costs like rental vehicles, and appraisals, while increasing Direct Repair participation and improving customer service at a time your customer needs your help the most. Early identification of bodily injury or accident benefits and Med Pay collisions let you control these from the earliest moments.

Increased Capture of "No Insurance" Reports

We have developed a process with insurers for the notification of police when it is determined that motorists are in possession of your cancelled, invalid, or fraudulent liability slips.

Introducing CROMS - the Collision Reporting & Occurence Management System

CROMS was officially launched in June of 2003 by Accident Support Services International. The program revolutionized collision reporting with its ability to capture the entire collision report electronically. By 2005, the program had won two Microsoft Awards. At the Microsoft World Wide Partners Conference, CROMS was chosen from an international field of top submissions by Microsoft Partners for delivering market-leading customer solutions and given the Integrated E-Business Solutions Award of the year based on its unique features as an integrated, inter-operable, modularized, extensible, and security-enhanced application. The same year, Microsoft Canada awarded CROMS with an Impact Award for excellence and named CROMS as Solution of the Year.

2005 Impact Award Logo 2008 Impact Finalist Logo ICTA 2013 Logo
Vehicle Photos

The CROMS Suite of products are comprised of three modules: CROMS Core, CROMS Mobile and CROMS Analytics - your total end-to-end solution for completing collision reports. Whether a report was completed at one of our Collision Reports Centers or completed by an officer at the scene, all the data is available in CROMS, and can be securely accessed by approved stakeholders through a web portal. Within 24 hours of completion, every field on the collision report is available in the Analytics Portal for analysis.

Additionally, the data collected in CROMS can also be exported into other databases such as Police Record Management Systems (RMS) and Insurance Claims Systems to generate a real time first notice of loss.

The collision forms are built right into CROMS with the flexibility to be easily adaptable if there are changes to the official collision reports.

The web portal allows users to retrieve collision reports instantly in real time, including scanned documents, vehicle photographs, and additional information such as tow, injury and supplementary passengers' data.

CROMS Analytics - Data Mining Made Easy!

CROMS Analytics is a versatile, user friendly and comprehensive data analysis tool catered towards collision investigation and assessment. Designed specifically for the police and insurance industries, CROMS Analytics offers your department the ability to easily target, study and allocate resources based on collision data. Easily monitor and report on problem areas while also educating the community with straightforward graphs and analysis.

CROMS Analytics provides timely availability of statistics to identify trends and provide safe communities. CROMS Analytics can be of benefit to stakeholders in many ways including:

Creating Road Safety Plans: Is it driver behaviour or road safety design? Quickly and easily identify high risk road users, new collision trends, “hot spots”, and more! Streamline enforcement to where & when needed to create safer roads.

Insurers can gain access to CROMS Analytics with Industry View which lets them compare their company results against the industry. Both underwriting and claims opportunities exists here. All personal information for individuals not involved in the collision for that insurer have been stripped from the system.

Monitoring Proactive Enforcement: Instantly measure your Results Driven Road Safety Programs for maximum effectiveness.

Identifying Trend Changes: know where collisions are occurring and respond accordingly by addressing your service providers and staffing requirements to meet the ever changing needs.

Identifying Fraud Rings: search by multiple fields to identify rings.

Analytics Search Wizard

Search Wizard: The user friendly search wizard answers questions in 3 easy steps by allowing users to create their own custom queries. Find the answers to all your collision questions by querying any field or combination of fields captured on the collision report form with the flexibility to easily change your query.

Analytics Mapping Tools

Mapping Tool: The mapping tools allow users to zoom to street level in satellite view and select specific areas for targeted enforcement. Other mapping options are standard map and terrain views. "Select Map" feature allows users to analyze any sector of their jurisdiction.

Analytics Graphing Options

Display Options: Tabular and graphical views allow the user to view the data in different formats. Users can further filter results based on several fields of the collision report. For example, time of day, day of week, driver ages, alcohol involvement, driver actions, and more!

CROMS Mobile - Collision Management for On-scene Collisions

CROMS Mobile is a multi-faceted mobile version of our award winning CROMS system. With the ability to integrate seamlessly on a wide array of government collision forms and regulations, CROMS Mobile supports and delivers user friendly data collection and reporting solutions for partnered police services. Supporting data transfer to e-ticketing, collision media, and data entry warnings CROMS Mobile alleviates data entry process and errors providing a quick user friendly way of managing any on-scene collision.

Mobile Image

Easy to Use - Every field follows the official collision report, preserving the same format that police officers are familiar with. Driver licence scans / bar code readers, VIN decoders and drop down menus speed up the report taking and ensures the accuracy of the information collected.

Paperless Report Management - Officers electronically submit reports to their supervisor for electronic approval. Once approved, the information is available for analysis. CROMS has the ability to download into Records Management Systems and Government systems.

Validation Errors and Warnings - Built in validation errors and warnings advise the user of mandatory government fields for completion and checks for invalid responses.

Integrate with Other Applications - Integrate CROMS Mobile with any drawing program, e-ticketing modules, and mapping applications. Google Earth technology is built in, allowing officers to pinpoint the collision location.

Did you know?

In addition to operating Collision Reporting Centers, Accident Support Services International Ltd. has partnerships with several police jurisdictions without the critical volume to establish a Collision Reporting Center. These jurisdictions are referred to as CROMS Locations.

In these jurisdictions, the police continue to investigate the collisions at scene and complete the Motor Vehicle Collision Report. Police use either the traditional paper template or ASSI's CROMS Mobile Application where they can enter the report electronically at roadside. ASSI data enters the On-Scene paper reports within 24-48 hours of receipt and the Mobile Reports are available in CROMS within 1 hour of the supervisors' approval, ensuring insurance companies have the information efficiently, to make informed decisions and handle their claims at the first available opportunity. Police partners benefit from the use of unlimited access to the CROMS suite of products and quarterly statistical report packages customized to their jurisdiction.

Testimonials from Current Police Service Partners

  • Toronto Police Logo

    Collision Reporting Centers… have provided a great benefit to both the Toronto Police Service and the citizens of Toronto. These centers have allowed for a more efficient use of the Toronto Police Service time and resources; freeing up frontline officers to attend to matters of a more urgent and pressing nature. I am writing to show both my appreciation and support for the valuable work that has been done through the centers and continues to be done. We look forward to the continued co-operation between our two organizations.

    William Blair, Chief of Police, Toronto Police Service
  • Peterborough Police Logo

    The Accident Support Center recovers capacity for the Police Service by reducing dramatically demands on police resources and at the same time provides superior, expedited claim settlements for the citizens of our community. The contributions made through the Accident Support Center CROMS database provides analytical capabilities otherwise not available to law enforcement. In all, the relationship between our Police Service and Accident Support Services Limited has been a force multiplier.

    Murray Rodd, Chief of Police, Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service
  • North Bay Police Logo

    By providing access to a Collision Reporting Center in the North Bay Police Service building, I believe that the amount of stress and uncertainty that occurs when a member of the public is involved in a collision is reduced by the expertise and caring shown by ASSI personnel. The additional benefit of reducing the need for members of our service to respond to minor motor vehicle collisions has allowed our police officers to focus on calls for service that require the expertise of a fully trained police officer. This creates a more efficient and effective police service to the public through our partnership.

    Alan Williams, Deputy Chief of Police, North Bay Police Service
  • Cornwall Police Logo

    The Cornwall Community Police Service, as part of its most recent Strategic Planning process recognized the need to provide our Community with greater Police visibility and presence. With limited resources we needed to identify cost effective means by which we could increase the amount of time our officers spend on patrol related activities, particularly those which address public safety such as traffic. The implementation of a Collision Reporting Center was one of the strategies identified as meriting further exploration. Having previously met Steve Sanderson and Bob Gutwein at an OACP Conference I took the opportunity to follow up with them to see if a center was feasible in a smaller community such as Cornwall. Fortunately for us they accepted the challenge of opening a Center in Cornwall and in April 2005 the center opened its doors for a highly successful six month pilot project. Customer Satisfaction and our staff's feedback were both tremendous during the Pilot Project and we are very pleased to have recently entered into a partnership for the next 10 years to provide a Collision Reporting Center to our Community The staff at Accident Support Services International Ltd. are experienced professionals who made the implementation of a Collision Reporting Center a smooth transition for our Police Service and the Community we serve.

    Dan Aikman, Deputy Chief of Police, Cornwall Community Police Service
  • Kawartha Lakes Police Logo

    As an element of our core function and business plan, road safety is a responsibility of our police service. Our goal is to be proactive with enforcement and effectively respond to citizen’s traffic complaints, identifying community traffic safety issues and reducing trends in identified areas of concern. Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) and CROMS Analytics portal gives us access to current and accurate data for results driven policing and I believe will assist us in achieving our goal.

    John Hagarty, Chief of Police, City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service

Interested in a CROMS Demo or a Training Session?

Accident Support Services provides demos and free training to interested police agencies and insurers. Topics include:

Collision Reporting Centers: Training on what CRCs are, when citizens can be directed there, and the process for reporting.

CROMS System: This training is designed to educate users on how to use CROMS to retrieve collision report packages and ensure they are utilizing the program to its maximum potential.

CROMS Analytics: Training on how to answer all of your collision related questions by querying any field captured on the collision report, creating and saving ad-hoc queries, and navigating through the system from the Map View, Tabular View, and Graph View.

CROMS Mobile: Training for front line officers on how to use CROMS Mobile to enter the collision reports electronically and for supervisors to retrieve and electronically complete the reports.

Need more Information?

Contact us today for more information on becoming a member insurer or partner police agency.