This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

For more information regarding collisions and how to report them, please contact us with your questions. Keep in mind you MUST report to the nearest Collision Reporting Centre to where the collision actually took place, and not the location closest to your home address.

I received a text message to report my collision, what do I do now?

If you received a text message from us, this means the other driver(s) involved has reported the collision, and you will need to attend a collision reporting centre to report the collision as soon as possible. Our location information can be found here.

Can I report over the phone or online?

No. A collision report is a legal document that requires the firsthand information from the driver involved and generally includes the driver’s statement and signature. Additionally, the damage to the vehicle must be viewed and recorded.

Do I have to report my collision at the CRC?

Ontario: If the combined damage (from all vehicles or property involved in the collision) is $2,000 or more you have a legal obligation to report that collision as stated in the Highway Traffic Act. Note: exceptions exist for requirement to report even if damage is below $2,000. Click here for more information.

Alberta: If the combined damage of $5,000 including damage to property or injured is the threshold under the Traffic Safety Act. Note: exceptions exist for requirement to report even if damage is below $5,000. Click here for more information.

If you are unsure about the estimated damage, please call or attend the collision reporting centre where the collision took place for more in-depth consultation.  Our location information can be found here.

Can I send someone in my place to complete the report? (Spouse, friend, parent, vehicle owner, etc.)

No, the driver of the vehicle must complete the collision report. If you are the owner of the vehicle, and not the driver you will need to have the driver of your vehicle at the time of the collision attend the collision reporting centre to report.

Who is at fault?

Fault will be determined by insurance companies based on the provincial rules and regulations.

Do I have to report to my insurance company?

Ontario: Insurance Policy Section 1.4.1 states you will report any changes to your Insurance Company. Section 1.4.4 states if reportable under the Highway Traffic Act it must be reported to your insurer within 7 days, in writing.

Alberta: The Insurance Act, Section 614, Stat Cond 3 (1) says that you give your insurer written notice of any collision involving loss or damage to persons or property and of any claim on account of the collision.

How long do I have to report?

You should report the collision immediately after the collision took place, unless there are extenuating circumstance, this should be within 24 to 48 hours.

Who is Accident Support Services? Who pays for your services?

Accident Support Services is a privately owned company working in partnership with police services, and insurance companies to assist citizens in reporting their collision. Accident Support Services is funded by the insurance industry.

Will my premiums go up?

We recommend you contact your insurance company or broker; they would be best able to answer this question based on your individual situation.

Is anyone going to be charged?

This is at the discretion of the Police.

Do I still have to call my insurance company?

Yes. Your phone call is often necessary for your claim to start being processed.

Can my passenger be a witness?

A passenger is not generally classified as a witness, rather they are normally classified as an involved person. The witness in a collision is normally an independent person(s) who has observed the collision event. However, it is advisable for passengers to record their observations for future reference.

Where should I get my vehicle repaired?

It is always your choice. Your Insurance Company or Broker will be able assist you in making arrangement for your vehicle, as they will have some helpful advice for you regarding repair shops and guaranties of the repair quality. Give them a call, they are there to help.

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