Accident Support Services International Ltd. has been providing professional collision management solutions in partnership between Police, Insurance Companies, and private enterprise since 1994.

We are a privately-owned company, operating Collision Reporting Centres and is the creator of a Microsoft Award Winning Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System.

Our History

In October of 1994 the way that collisions were investigated was forever changed, with the grand opening of Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) first Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) located in Toronto, Ontario.

In 1992, Police Services throughout Ontario realized it was no longer feasible to send police to investigate every property damage collision. Citizens were waiting for hours at the side of the road for collision reports to be completed by attending officers, causing congestion and a visual distractions, leading to an increase in secondary collisions. The Government gave Police Services approval to no longer investigate property damage collisions (where there is only damage to vehicles and no damage to private property or injuries). The Insurance Industry was alarmed by this change and predicted that insurance fraud would run rampant without police involvement or proof that a collision had even occurred. The Insurers lobbied diligently for an alternative solution.

Steve Sanderson, founder and President of Accident Support Services International Ltd. was from the automotive industry and was aware of the problems insurers would experience without collision reports; as well as the challenges police and government would face without the statistics for road safety. Mr. Sanderson worked with the Ministry of Transportation, police, and insurers to come up with a solution. The answer was a centralized facility to report collisions to both the police and insurance, assisted by customer service personnel.

Within one year after the pilot project began, one CRC turned into three. The results of the first year that the initial three CRCs were in operation allowed for $5 million dollars in officer time and associated costs to be reallocated to other higher priorities. It was realized that there was no returning to the old system of officers investigating every property damage collision.

Collision statistics were preserved for all stakeholders, and a proven solution for alternative collision reporting was established.

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