Report a Collision

Have You Been Involved in a Collision?

If you’ve been involved in a collision, please follow the process below.

As a reminder, collisions must be reported in person at one of our Collision Reporting Centres.

Also, check out the FAQ list for additional information.

Exchange Information

Citizens are asked to exchange information with the other involved drivers (in accordance with applicable legislation). This generally includes Driver Name, Driver Address, Driver’s Licence, Driver’s Phone Number, Vehicle Licence Plate, Vehicle Owner Name, Vehicle Owner Address, Insurance Company and Policy Number.

If it is easier, take pictures of their documents (i.e. Driver’s Licence, Ownership, Insurance Slip) and of their Vehicle Licence Plate(s).

Call the Police

The 9-1-1 operator determines if police officers are required at the scene.

Ontario: If the combined damage (from all vehicles or property involved in the collision) is $2,000 or more you have a legal obligation to report that collision as stated in the Highway Traffic Act. Note: exceptions exist for requirement to report even if damage is below $2,000. Click here for more information.

Alberta: If the combined damage of $5,000 including damage to property or injured is the threshold under the Traffic Safety Act. Note: exceptions exist for requirement to report even if damage is below $5,000. Click here for more information.

Police will typically investigate the collision at the scene when any of the following criteria applies:

  • Injury or fatality
  • Criminal Activity (examples include Impaired Driving, Stolen Vehicles, and Assault)
  • Federal, Provincial or Municipal Vehicles
  • Vehicles Transporting Dangerous Goods
  • Damage to Private, Municipal, or Highway Property
  • Bicycles or Pedestrians
  • Officer Discretion: If an officer attends the scene and determines the collision meets the criteria to go to a Collision Reporting Centre, they can direct citizens to the CRC. In that instance, citizens are legally obligated to attend the CRC

Note: Jurisdictional requirements do vary, please contact the applicable CRC for a more specific list for individual jurisdictions.

Attend the Collision Reporting Centre

If directed to a CRC, you must report forthwith. In most jurisdictions, you will have up to 48 hours to report. The driver must report at the CRC in the jurisdiction the collision occurred with:

  1. The Vehicle involved in the collision
  2. Vehicle Ownership
  3. Proof of Insurance
  4. Driver’s Licence
  5. Information Exchanged with Other Driver(s)
  6. Witness Information (if applicable)
  7. Passenger(s) Information(if applicable)

Report the Collision

Once at the CRC, our professional and courteous employees will assist you through the reporting process. You will be requested to provide information related to your collision, and documentation including your driver’s licence, vehicle ownership, and insurance. During the process you will have the opportunity to provide a statement and complete a diagram of the collision.

If you are a pedestrian or cyclist involved in a collision with the geographical boundaries of the Toronto Police Service (that was not investigated by an officer at the scene), you can begin your report online. Click here to begin.

If you are involved in motor vehicle collision, all drivers must attend a Collision Reporting Centre, visit our locations page.

Vehicles Photographed

At the CRC, all vehicles are photographed documenting the damage, to confirm collision details and help reduce fraudulent claims. A “Damage Reported to Police” sticker is applied to deter additional damage from being added to the vehicles.

If you took picture at the scene of the collision, they can be uploaded here.

Insurance Company Notified

To help speed up the claims process, the collision information is immediately made available to your participating insurance company through our secure portal (if you decide to report to your insurance company). Additionally, at the CRC telephones are available for you to contact your loved ones, or to contact you your broker, or your insurance company to start your claim.

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