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In any business, privacy of personal information is desirable. We consider it essential.

Accordingly, Accident Support Services International Ltd., and its related corporations have established a set of privacy principles and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information which are fully compliant with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)., and corresponding provincial privacy acts.

What is personal information? Personal information is information that refers to an individual specifically, identifying that individual. This includes name and date of birth. Personal information may not include:

  • Public telephone directories;
  • Certain public registries and court records; and
  • Provincial collision reports.

Why we need to collect personal information: We collect and use the information in order to assist you in meeting your obligations under the applicable provincial legislation and to provide you with customer service by helping report you report to your insurer in compliance with the applicable provincial insurance acts.

We protect and limit disclosure of your personal information: When you report your collision through our offices, personal information is disclosed as part of the report. We will use this information in an appropriate manner, to:

  • Provide the Police with your reports;
  • Provide your insurer and other party/ies’ insurer with a copy of your report;
  • Communicate with you; and
  • Act as required or authorized by law.

Consent: whenever possible, we will ask for your consent to supply your participating member insurer or their agent with a complete copy of the report package.

There are exceptions to the consent requirements. Under those exceptions, the information could be disclosed without consent as outlined in Section 7 of PIPDEA. Example: when the collection of personal information is clearly in your interest and consent cannot be obtained in a timely way, or when the information is needed for the investigation of a contravention of the laws of Canada, a province, or a foreign jurisdiction.

Who we DO NOT provide your personal information to: We will never sell any information to third parties for their use of that information in order to advertise their goods and services for sales purposes.

The security of your personal information is a priority for us. We have established physical and systems safeguards, with locked filing cabinets and doors, electronic security software, firewalls, internal passwords, security policies and organizational processes to protect your information from unauthorized access or use.

Our Employee’s Responsibilities: Each and every one of our employees is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information to which they have access. We keep our employees informed about our policies and procedures for protecting information. All employees are also, as a condition of employment, to conform with these policies and procedures.

Access: A copy of the confidential portion of your report (front page) is provided to you when you complete the report process.
Your rights to your personal information are not absolute. Access may be denied when it is required by law, or to protect our organization’s rights and property.

Contacting Us: We are committed to providing you with understandable and easily available information about our policy and practices related to our management of your personal information. If you have any questions, complaints or concerns, please contact:

By Mail:
Chief Privacy Officer
111 Toryork Drive
Toronto ON M9L 1X9

By Fax: (416) 745-5555

By E-mail:

Updated on January 31, 2024

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