Monday, December 31st, 2012

ASSI a Finalist for ICTA Awards

Accident Support Services International Ltd. has been announced as a Finalist for the 2013 Technology Awards (ICTA) for our Collision Reporting and Occurrence Maintenance System (CROMS). is the sponsor of the ICTAs, presented annually at the P & C Technology Conference since 2010. Their website notes that the purpose of the ICTAs is ‘to celebrate organizations in the Canadian Property and Casualty Insurance industry whose implementation and use of technology shows a significant impact on a process or group of processes used in the sale, processing and servicing of insurance in Canada.’ Accident Support Services International Ltd. is nominated in the Supplier category for CROMS. The nomination announcement reads, “CROMS is a multi-functional collision management application developed specifically for the administration and collection of collision reports, photos, documentation.

CROMS is accredited with two Microsoft Awards recognizing both its ingenuity and innovation within the industry. Used by over 90% of the insurance industry and 70% of Police jurisdictions within Ontario, its flexible interface and architecture is fully compatible with partnered services procedures and processes essentially acting as a plug and play solution for collision management.

CROMS allows not only the speed of delivery of collision reports, but acts as a fully functional fraud detection and records management tool, with web portal desktop access by users. Coupled with CROMS analytics, users can analyze and study trending, policy holders, fraudulent claims, or practice proactive initiatives.

The CROMS process has been a dependalbe partner within the industry giving partnered insurers, agencies and services trusted secure reporting for nearly 10 years.’ The ICTAs will be presented at the annual conference on Monday, March 18. Accident Support Services International Ltd. is pleased and proud to be chosen as a finalist for the Technology Awards. For more information on this award, please go to

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