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CACP Awards, proudly sponsored by ASSI

Accident Support Services International Ltd. has the honour to sponsor a number of awards which recognize individual officers or Police agencies for dedication to community well-being through citizen education and engagement, including pro-active safety programs.  Our President Steve Sanderson attended the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Award Ceremony to present the National Police Award for Traffic Safety to York Regional Police, the award accepted by Billy Courtice, Strategic Communications Specialist & Brad Featherstone, Digital Content Specialist

The National Police Award for Traffic Safety recognizes excellence, dedication and initiative in the field of traffic safety by enforcement officers across Canada. The purpose of this award is to identify and commend active enforcement personnel for their work to improve road safety and to encourage others to implement new initiatives or publicize those in which they are already involved. The award is specific to an outstanding achievement completed or reaching a significant milestone within the previous calendar year. Best practices collected through the award process are shared broadly with Canada’s police community.

Nominal Process

Additionally, This year we had the honour of presenting the Road Safety Lifetime Achievement Award; an award recognizing a member of the policing community that has made significant and outstanding contributions to road safety throughout their career through education, enforcement, training and/or community-based programs.

This year’s recipient was Constable Reed Holland of the York Regional Police Service.

With 19 years in policing, Constable Holland is currently York Regional Police’s lead Traffic Trainer & Educator. He has had an incredible impact on road safety throughout York Region and across Ontario as his policing career has been dedicated to, and focused on, combatting impaired driving by alcohol and drugs, through training and educating new recruits, current constables, crown attorneys, judges and community members. He is highly regarded as an expert and has been called upon by the judiciary across differing regions to bring factual expert evidence and clarity to criminal prosecutions.

Constable Holland is also a qualified breath technician, a certified Drug Recognition Evaluator, a qualified radar/LIDAR instructor and a coach officer with York Regional Police. He has trained many police officers on the concepts and principles of impaired driving for both alcohol and drugs. He has been teaching Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) and the Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) course around the province since 2011. Constable Holland has been designated an expert in DRE and SFST in the Ontario Court of Justice for the purposes of expert testimony and served as a member of an expert panel at the prestigious Osgoode Hall Forensic Science and Law Symposium.

Constable Reed Holland was a recipient of the 2018 “MADD” award for his contributions to eradicating impaired driving and the recipient of the 2020 Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Traffic Safety Award of Excellence.

Most recently, he developed an online application that allows officers to conduct SFST testing on their mobile work devices, which streamlines testing times, creates consistency for the courts and automatically attaches to occurrence reports.

Beyond his dedication to promoting road safety, he is an active member of several committees including the OACP Traffic Safety Committee (2017 – present) and its Provincial Speed Advisory Sub-committee (2015 – present) and Breath/DRE Sub-committee, affecting change both at the provincial and national levels, to make Canada’s roads among the safest in the world.

Nomination Process

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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