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CROMS Alberta Update

With further expansion into Western Canada and the grand opening of the Edmonton Collision Reporting Centres in the fall of 2022, ASSI launched the release of Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) version 3.0. Since its inception, Accident Support Services has continued to invest heavily in CROMS and this last year the product has grown substantially.

A key component was the release of the modernized Analytics, now using Microsoft Power BI. The ‘BI’ in its name refers to Business Intelligence, a catch-all term used to describe the strategies, processes, and technologies that stakeholders use to enable data-driven decision-making. For users, Power BI provides them with more options including better export functions, interactive
dashboards, and reports. Power BI turns raw data into actionable insights for partners, such as highlighting problematic intersections, and identifying contributing factors to the causes of collisions. The platform also provides excellent data visualization including heat maps, graphs, tables and an innovative, easy-to-use dashboard to help stakeholders easily analyze and understand data.

“All the complexity of data collection and analysis happens under the hood and users are presented with the final product — insights that are effectively visualized, easy to understand and relevant.” Said Harinder Verma, Vice President of IT at ASSI.

Quarterly Report packages are provided to police services and member insurers along with a tool for ad-hoc reporting where they can query any statistical data field to assist in proactive enforcement initiatives and make roads safer.

ASSI has recently developed an auto-generation of police file numbers to ensure citizens leave the CRC (in participating jurisdictions) with their police file numbers to get their claim process started. Products are available to police services at no cost, as participating insurers fund the program through the savings that they realize in claims efficiency, customer retention, and fraud controls. One of the many key value offerings to insurers are the photographs and to guarantee a uniform photograph package, Accident Support Services launched a tablet application
to standardize the quality of the photographs.

Other key enhancements for insurers include:

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