Monday, March 14th, 2022

First Cyclist / Pedestrian Collision Reporting Centre Program in North America Opening in Toronto, Ontario

When Accident Support Services International Ltd (ASSI) entered a partnership with the Toronto Police Service (TPS) in 1994, to launch the first Collision Reporting Centre program in North America, it changed the way that collisions were reported by both offering police with a solution to reallocate resources and provide the insurance industry with value-added services to enhance customer service and reduce fraud. The entire program is funded by insurer partners with no cost to the police or public.

Now over 28 years later, ASSI has extended its partnership with the Toronto Police Service (TPS), to establish once again a first of its kind program. On March 14, 2022, at 11:00am ASSI and TPS will open and pilot the implementation of a pedestrian and cyclist only collision reporting centre, complete with a web application for pedestrians and cyclists to begin their report from the convenience of their home.

Superintendent Scott Baptist, from Toronto Police Service commented: “Now that our stations are again open to the public, we are pleased to finally be able to launch this new reporting centre to better serve pedestrians and cyclists, allowing them to report minor collisions in the downtown area instead of having to travel to our locations in Scarborough and North York.”

Currently, any pedestrian or cyclist who was involved in a collision within the jurisdictional boundaries of Toronto, that was not investigated at the scene can attend one of the existing Collision Reporting Centres (CRCs) to report their collision.

Jacqueline Massi, Director of Strategic Initiatives at ASSI commented: “Traditionally, the downtown core sees more pedestrian and cyclist traffic than the surrounding suburbs where the existing CRCs are located.” To make it convenient and efficient for those who live in the downtown area and/or may not drive.

The new satellite office will be in the Toronto Police Traffic Services station located in Liberty Village at 9 Hanna St, Toronto, Ontario open Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm; closed weekends and statutory holidays.

This enhanced customer service model includes the development of a web application available on the ASSI website, where pedestrians and cyclists who were involved in a collision (that was not police investigated at the scene) can begin their report, and then finalize the report with help of ASSI’s trained counselors at our new satellite office specifically for Pedestrian & Cyclist collisions or at one of our existing collision reporting centres in Toronto.

Only pedestrians and cyclists will be serviced at the new location, and it is not equipped to handle vehicles. All vehicles must continue to report to Toronto North (113 Toryork Drive) or Toronto East. Please note that the Collision Reporting Centres are not equipped to handle major injuries (where admittance to the hospital is required).

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