Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Grande Prairie CRC Grand Opening August 27th, 2018


First RCMP Collision Reporting Centre to Open in Grande Prairie

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) is proud to partner with the Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment and the City of Grande Prairie on the implementation of the Collision Reporting Centre in Grande Prairie.  The new CRC will open August 27th, 2018 at 10 a.m.

The Grande Prairie Collision Reporting Centre will provide enhanced value to the public in the reporting of motor vehicle collisions. The one-on-one interview process simplifies the reporting process, and adds value to the customer service aspect. Police and Insurers will now have real-time access to collision data and reports through ASSI’s Microsoft award winning Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System (CROMS). All collision data captured is used for analysis and focused policing initiatives. Citizens will have the convenience of a safe, convenient location where they can attend to complete their report. Police will continue to investigate collisions at the scene that involve injuries, suspected criminal activities, or damage to private property.

The Grande Prairie Collision Reporting Centre is located in the Eastlink Centre at #10 Knowledge Way, Grande Prairie, Alberta. The hours of operation are from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Upon arrival at the centre, citizens are greeted by a member of Accident Support Services’ staff, who provides help to complete the police report, applies the “Damage Reported to Police” sticker, photographs the damage to the vehicle, and offers the customer the opportunity to contact family, broker or insurance company directly from the Centre. The citizen is provided with a one-stop service opportunity for all their reporting needs.

The goal of ASSI is to facilitate an active partnership between the police and insurers in post-accident care by providing knowledgeable advice and assistance to accident victims with empathy, integrity and availability. This results in increased conveniences for the public as well as greater road safety. Supporting insurers fund the program; therefore, there is no cost to the police or the public for these additional services.

“The new Collision Reporting Centre will provide timely collision analysis that will be used to focus police resources,” said Don McKenna, Grande Prairie RCMP Superintendent. “The Centre will also create new efficiencies that reduce the administrative burden on the RCMP officers and support staff.”

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